International Photography Workshop was held in Thailand. In which 30 photographers from all over the country got the opportunity to participate. In which only young Sanjay Prajapat, resident of village Beed from Harda district, got the opportunity to participate at the state level. In which he was honored abroad in Thailand for his excellent display of photography art. By being honored on foreign soil, Sanjay brought glory to Harda district as well as the state. This honor was given to him by the country’s famous photographer Dharmendra Sharma and Raja Awasthi of Raipur, who is a mentor of Sony Company and also a famous photographer, by giving him a shield and certificate. Sanjay is an emerging photographer from Beed, a small village in Harda district, who is known for his photography art.

Sanjay told that it is a matter of pride for me to participate in this organized workshop. During these 6 days, I demonstrated my art with 30 photographers from different states of the country.

And gave his best performance in front of the famous international photographer. Showed his best photographs taken in the workshop. In which I was honored. Organizers Dharmendra Sharma and Raja Awasthi taught the participants about the method of enhancing pictures through Photoshop in the workshop and gave information about photography and cinematography and new techniques. Captured the natural beauty of places in Thailand’s famous cities Pattaya and Bangkok. On Sanjay of Harda being honored on foreign soil, his father Santosh Prajapat, mother Krishna Bai and close friends Pawan, Jayant, Rajendra, Sachin and others expressed happiness and best wishes.

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